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Should the Church Teach Tithing?
A Theologian's Conclusions about a Taboo Doctrine
Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

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TITHING, H.K.Pywell. 5.11.1993

The wolves did hold a meeting,
And some did start to scratch.
(And though wool is quite itchy,
They had a plot to hatch.)

"By forcing them to tithe," he said,
As drool hung from his jaw,
"You bleed them of their money;
Put them back under the law!"

Sheep's clothing did fall off his back
When he, the table slammed.
"In this life, we keep them poor,
And in the next, they're damned!

Get them to sign "faith-promises"
For they will have forgot
God said, "Out of abundance;
Not from...  what you have not."

You know these sheep are perfect prey
Obey us, they would rather;
Than stay free in God's perfect grace
In safety with their father.

A little sheep there with them,
Did dare to raise his voice.
"Excuse me, O Great Men of God,
But do we have a choice?"

All eyes were fixed upon him;
Beneath them he did waver.
He cannot say what he believes
And still stay in their favour.

"Please," he said, half to himself,
"It does not seem quite right."
Great Men of God did snarl at him;
He trembled there in fright.

The first one had replaced his fleece,
That fell upon the floor,
"Bite that church-destroyer!
And fling him out the door!"

Humbled, hurt, disfellowshipped,
He limped along the path.
Behind him, in the meeting,
He heard their mocking laugh.

In bitter wind, and all alone,
He asked God to forgive him.
And suddenly he turned to see
The Shepherd standing with him.

"All of those Great Men of God
Did cast me out, my Lord!"
"My little lamb," said Jesus,
"Did you forget my word?
They cast me out before you,
For me, they always hated.
And you, my lamb, are one of mine.
So, patiently, I waited."



Just a quiet game of chess
I sat me down to play.
But Satan sat down opposite!
(He visited one day.)

"This is now your Game of Life,"
He said, with quiet smile,
"And if you play exceeding well,
We'll be here quite a while."

I knew a Covering Cherub
Could not lose to a man.
And Lucifer excels in strength,
And does what no man can.

"Let me consult the Rule Book
Before we make a move.
Certain things I must make clear;
And things I should now prove."

 "Not so!" he said, "You know the rules!
They still remain the same.
And when you lose, as lose you will,
You have yourself to blame.
Those who Overcome," he said,
"Are very, very few!
What makes you think you're special, then?
And why should God choose you?

Look closely at how well you play,
For none can play like me
And your life is a Chess-game,
And your first move is free!

So, quickly now, and make your move
For time is running short.
The battle you will lose, young man;
Reflect, when you have fought."

Just then a whisper in my ear,
"Why do you now compete?
The enemy you seek to fight
Does wallow in defeat."

"Of course!" I said, "Oh foolish man!
Why do I try to win
A battle that's already won?
How foolish to begin!"



He looked at me with pity,
And said, "It is a shame,
That such a Babe in Christ like you
Should sit down for this game.
Great Christians sometimes conquer.
Great Men of God I fear.
But if you were at all like that,
Would I sit quite so near?"

"Who is he that Overcometh?"
I asked, across the table,
"But he that's born of God, you know,
Reply now, if you're able!
The victory of Jesus Christ
By faith is apprehended.
Don't introduce some strange new rule,
Or say the Book's amended!"

The still, small voice behind me said,
"The Word of God stands sure!"
And I could see that by my faith
I'm righteous, and I'm pure.

A single move was all it took,
The Game of Life to end.
And Satan's king did fall full length.
(More time, he would not spend.)
And he rose from the table, then,
And walked away defeated.
And I saw that by faith in Christ
The victory's completed.

By faith in that pure life he lived
Which no-one can dispute.

By faith in all his righteousness,
Which he, by grace, imputes.

Stand still! The word admonishes
All here and all the nations.

Stand still! And see the grace of God,
And how he brings salvation.

Stand still! For what can mortal man
Now add to such a price?

Stand still! Have faith! And you will see
The victory in Christ!

The Devil left me quietly
With promise to return.
I saw him leave, but in my mind
A sudden thought did burn.
Why was I quite so willing
To engage him in that game?
He must have known my pride and flesh.
He knew me by my name.

But I know that I'm dead in Christ,
The Scripture's plain to see.
And Jesus said "When Satan comes,
He has no thing in me."

If he has nothing, then, in Christ,
And in Christ I am dead.
Why then engage in battle, friend?
Is that what Jesus said?

By faith the battle's over, friend,
By faith the battle's won.

By faith resist this devilish game
Or battle's just begun!



Here, then, the message that I give.
Here, then, the revelation:

That when the Devil comes to us,
He comes by invitation


The plumber and the gasfitter
They do a worthwhile task.
They have a goodly knowledge
And will tell you if you ask.

Some men, they do the greatest jobs,
And some men do the least.
But some men's jobs do not exist;
The Vicar and the Priest.
For neither title must be used
In ways not meant by God.
So read on, and you'll see this view
Is not so very odd.

The apostle Peter is quite clear:
The Christian who's the least
Is part of this great nation
He describes as "Kings and Priests."
There is no priest above the priest,
Between the priest and Christ.
The high Priest is our Jesus,
And himself the sacrifice.
So every Christian is a priest,
And every one a saint.
But the false priests robes and vestments
Are the sepulcher’s white paint.

Now, Vicar is vicarious
(In someone else's place)
And whose place do you think they take?
But His, the Lord of Grace. 
And if they stand not in His stead,
In whose stead do they stand?
Yet they will stand 'til judgment day,
Then face God's reprimand.

"Holy and Reverend is HIS NAME,"
Of God this word was spoken.
Why, then, use this word for men?
And use it as a token?
Our fathers we all reverence,
The Word of God does say.
But we don't call them "reverend"
And cause our God dismay.

"I won't give flattering titles"
Said Job, the righteous man.
So why, then, do we issue them
As widely as we can? 

Job won't give flattering titles
For his Maker would take him away.
Let us not accept all these titles,
For God is no different today.


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