The Theology of Russell Earl Kelly, PHD

Baptist, Conservative, Dispensational

July 12, 2008


The Bible and nature describe the attributes of God.

God is eternal spirit ––He has always existed (Gen 21:33; Deu 33:27; Jn 4:24).

God is the Creator of all things (Gen 1:1).

As Creator, God is all-powerful.

As Creator, God is all-knowing.

As Creator, God is all-present.

As Creator, God is perfect –absolutely just and merciful.

God is one and love. In order to be love and to love, God equally manifests self in Three Persons –Father, Son, Holy Spirit (Deu 6:4; Mt 28:19-20; 1 Jn 4:8).

God is self-revealing. He chooses to relate to mankind as a male (Gen 1:1; Jn 1:1). He partially reveals Himself through general revelation by the created things of nature and conscience (Ps 19:2; Rom 1:19-21; 2:14-15). He reveals Himself through special revelation in the Bible and especially in the person of Jesus Christ (2 Tim 3:16; 2 Pet 1:21; Heb 1:1-2).

God is personal –– He cares for His creation. This attribute affects every doctrine of theology and influences everything I as a conservative theologian believe about God (Heb 11:6).