September 2007

Benny Hinn is being kicked out of more and more countries because of his healing fraud.  Now he may have cut his own throat financially.

The outside of the envelope says “This is one of the most important messages I have ever sent to you.” The back of the envelope says  “I want to say something to you I have never said publicly or in writing.”

The surprise! Guess what!  Sit down first! God (of course) has shown Benny Hinn that THE STOREHOUSE IS NOT THE LOCAL CHURCH. It is the ministry that meets your gospel needs.

I have been teaching that the OT storehouse concept was not transferred to the church but this is something diffferent.

Benny is now publicly and in writing telling HIS followers that they no longer need to support their local church with their tithes if his ministry fills their needs better.

What would you do if you were a local church pastor who has a rather lack-luster ministry?  You definitely would not encourage your members to go see Benny Hinn! They might take their tithes with them.

Bad move, I think.