Russell Kelly Rebuts Robert Morris on Tithing

October 8, 2015

Robert Morris: Jesus is God’s tithe. Because you see you give the tithe first.

Russ Kelly: The tithe was never given first and the tithe was never the same thing as firstfruits in the Bible. They are two separate things. The tithe was the tenth-fruit and the firstfruit was a very small token offering. Deut 26:1-4.

Morris: You give the tithe in faith.

Kelly: This is not biblical; no Bible text is quoted for verification. The tithe was a commandment of the Law for food-producers who lived inside Israel under the Old Covenant. God wanted it whether given by faith or not. It was law for O.T. Hebrews.

Morris: See, God didn’t say, “Wait til your sheep has ten lambs and then give me one.”

Kelly: That is exactly what God said in Leviticus 27:30-34 when the tithe is reckoned from the total count of all animals at once.  Give the tenth whether it is the best or not. Read the text. Morris is giving an example of first-born and wrongly equates it with the tithe.

Morris: He said, “Give me the first one when you don’t have anymore, you just have the promise of more, you only have one.”

Kelly: “When you don’t have anymore” is twisting the facts and gibberish. God is NOT telling the giver to give the last one to Him. That is ridiculous. In the matter of the tithe He commanded the last tenth of the herd count. In the matter of first-bon He commanded the first offspring, not the parents.

Morris: It takes faith to give the first.

Kelly: It was commanded by law whether faith existed or not. The parents of the first-born were free to have more offspring.

Morris: See, it’s the principle of faith that releases the blessing on our finances.

Kelly: Read Galatians 3:10 and Deuteronomy 27:26. God did not bless O.T. Hebrews after they had tithed unless they had also been obedient to the other 600 commands of the law.

Conclusion: Activate your own New Covenant priesthood. Do not be deceived by what anybody says. Dig into God’s Word and discover the truth for yourself. Otherwise you only have yourself to blame for being deceived.

Russell E Kelly