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BY Russell Earl Kelly, PHD, April 20, 2018

(1) By WHOM and HOW was the sanctuary defiled in Daniel 8:9-10? SDAs strongly teach that Caesar, the Anti-Christ little horn of Daniel 8:9-10, used his Roman armies to destroy the Jerusalem temple. Caesar was the WHO and his Roman army was the HOW.

(2) By WHOM and HOW was the sanctuary defiled in Daniel 8:10-12? SDAs also strongly teach that the Pope, the Anti-Christ little horn of Daniel 8:10-12, used his theology and confessional to defile the sanctuary. The Pope is the WHO and his theology is the HOW.

(3) By WHOM and HOW was the sanctuary in heaven defiled in Daniel 8:1? By extension and common sense, it is logical to conclude SDAs teach that Jesus Himself is the worst Anti-Christ little horn of the three in Daniel 8:9-14; Jesus used the atoned sins of believers to literally defile the heavenly sanctuary. Since pagan and papal Rome did not literally defile the heavenly sanctuary, Jesus is the worst defiler. Jesus is the WHO and atoned sins of the saints is the HOW of Adventist eschatology and Great Controversy 418-422. Even though EGW says “transfer sin to the sanctuary” instead of “defile,” it means the same thing in context! Will any SDA dare explain this in detailed context?

Chapter 11 is the most important chapter in this book. Newly improved July 2008.


From: Exposing Seventh-day Adventism

by Russell Earl Kelly

The Investigative Judgment Doctrine is the cultic doctrine of Seventh-day Adventism which they cannot explain. Yet it is the only reason for their existence.

The Investigative Judgment (from their false explanation of Daniel 8:14) is built on the SDA presupposition that their interpretation of Daniel 8:10-12 is correct.

One problem for them is that EGW did not discuss 8:10-13 and SDA theologians cannot connect their own explanation of 8:10-12 with the question of 8:13 and their answer in 8:14.

Do you want to confuse the SDA Babylon?  It is easy and will send them running from you.

First, ask them to explain 8:10-12. They will proudly tell you about the little horn’s opposition to Christ in AD 31, the little horn’s destruction of paganism several centuries later, the little horn’s imposition of the confessional during the Middle Ages and the little horn’s supremacy for 1260 years ending in 1798. The WHO was pagan and papal Rome and the HOW was armies and theology.

Second, ask them to tell you which of the events in the vision mentioned in 8:10-12 actually “ended” in 1844 according to their date from 8:14.

8:13 How long shall be the vision? How long will it take for the vision to be fulfilled? When will the vision end?

None of their “answers” answer the question asked in 8:13 because all of their answers are wrong!

The little horn did not “stop” persecuting Christ or His saints in 1844; the little horn did not “stop” destroying paganism in 1844; the little horn did not expose the errors of the confessional in 1844 (the Protestant Reformation claims this in the 16th century) and the events of 1798 did not occur in 1844.

Worse yet, SDAs teach that their Investigative Judgment only BEGAN in 1844 and, actually, the little horn had absolutely nothing to do with defiling the heavenly sanctuary because (now they say) it was defiled by the confessed and forgiven sins of the saints! So why all the talk about the little horn? Why not blame this all on Jesus (the WHO) for defiling the heavenly sanctuary with His own blood which carries the sins of the saints (the HOW)?

Now that is really deep — or just ultra confusing. But wait, if SDAs are correct, then the sins of saints have been defiling the heavenly sanctuary since Adam and will continue to defile it until shortly before Jesus returns — neither and 1844 event.

Therefore, no part of the vision of 8:10-12 “ended” in 1844 and the question of 8:13 is still unanswered in SDA theology.

“Oh, what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

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