Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute

2nd year, 2nd semester: Russell Earl Kelly

1. 1:1 To whom is the epistle addressed? Compare 2:9-10­

2. 1:3 How are we “begotten again” by the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

3. 1:4-5 What does this text say about not being able to fall from grace?

4. 1:10-11 What word is equal to the sufferings and glory of Christ?

5. 1:11 How did Old Testament prophets know the future?

6. 1:14-17 Are these verses discussing justification or sanctification?

7. 1:18-19, 23 Why are these texts so strong teaching eternal security?

8. 1:20 How many times does this idea appear in Scripture?

9. 1:22 What is one evidence of salvation?

10. 2:1-2 How do Christians grow spiritually?

11. 2:5 All believers constitute one _______ _______ and one __________ for the purpose of __________ __________.

12. 2:9 What is 2:9a quoting?

13. 2:9b-10 To whom is 1 Peter addressed? Compare 1:1.

14. 2:11-12 What will change the minds of those who speak evil of us?

15. 2:21-23 Why should Christians not respond violently against violence towards them?

16. 2:24 Can you explain imputed righteousness? Has it ever been legal?

17. 3:1-2 Should wives obey their unconverted husbands?

18. 3:3 Why is it wrong for some (SDAs) to teach that this verse forbids braiding hair or wearing gold?

19. 3:7 What happens to the prayers of husbands who do not treat their wives as honor as joint heirs of grace?

20. 3:10-12 Why does God not hear the prayers of Christians who habitually willfully sin?

21. 3:15 Does God ask or command us to have our testimony ready at all times?

22. 3:16 How does having a good conscience benefit Christians?

23. 3:18-19 What does “by which” refer to?

24. 3:20 Did Jesus go to Hades after His death and give those of Noah’s time a second chance?

25. 3:21 What does this text teach about literal water baptism?


1. 1:1 questionable; Hebrews Christians, all Christians

2. 1:3 If God can resurrect Jesus from the dead, He can also resurrect us spiritually.

3. 1:4-5 (1) our inheritance is incorruptible, (2) our inheritance cannot be changed by sin, (3) our inheritance cannot fade away, (4) our inheritance is reserved in heaven and (5) the power of God keeps it after faith has appropriated it

4. 1:10-11 grace

5. 1:11 The Spirit of God was within them.

6. 1:14-17 sanctification

7. 1:18-19 If we could fall from grace, Christ’s blood would have accomplished nothing and could be corrupted.

8. 1:20 before the foundation of the world; Jn 17:24 loved me before the foundation of the world; Eph 1:4 chosen in him before the foundation of the world; Rev 13:8 lamb slain from the foundation of the world

9. 1:22 love of the brethren

10. 2:2 By feeding on the word of God. Compare Heb 5:12-14.

11. 2:5 spiritual house, holy priesthood, spiritual sacrifices

12. 2:9a Exodus 19:5-6

13. 2:9b-10 all Christians

14. 2:11-12 our holy righteous living

15. 2:21-23 we were called to follow Christ’s example

16. 2:24 Imputed righteousness allows one person to volunteer to be punished for the sins of another. Has it ever been legal?????

17. 3:1-2 yes, obey unconverted husbands

18. 3:3 It would also forbid wearing clothing.

19. 3:7 Their prayers are hindered.

20. 3:10-12 They are out of fellowship with Him.

21. 3:15 God commands us to have our testimony ready at all times.

22. 3:16 No worry; sleep well.

23. 3:18-19 the Holy Spirit

24. 3:20 No. The text merely says Noah preached in the power of the Holy Spirit in his time.

25. 3:21 Literal water baptism does not save. The baptism which saves is “the answer of a good conscience toward God, by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

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