Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute

2nd year, 2nd semester, Russell E Kelly

1. 10 all: Is there any agreement on this chapter? See class discussion.

2. 10:6 7TH TRUMPET

What message does the 7th trumpet proclaim?

3. 10:1-11 From 10:11, why do you think the little book was both sweet and bitter?

4. 11:1-2 What do futurists say these texts prove?

5. 11:2 What is the roll of Gentiles here?

6. 11:2 Where else are 42 months (or similar) mentioned in Scripture?

7. 11:3-6 Who are the two witnesses?

8. 11:7-12 How well will God’s Word be received during the tribulation?

9. 11:13 What ray of hope is seen after the two witnesses are resurrected and an earthquake kills 1/10th of Jerusalem?

10: 11:14-19 7TH TRUMPET: 3RD WOE

What will happen during the 7th trumpet?

11. 12:1-2 Whom does the woman represent?

12. 12:3-4 List 4 points from these verses.

13. 12:5-6 Where does Israel hide in this rehearsed history?

14. 12:7-17 What does Revelation 12:7-17 do which is identical to Daniel 2, 7 and 8?

15. 12:17 Which group from chapter 7 is pictured here? __________________ Where is the innumerable great multitude? _______

16. 13:1-2 Who is the beast and whom does he get his power from?

17:13:3-9 List 3 things Revelation 13:1-9 adds to Daniel 7:7-27?

18. 13:11-18 Who is the 2nd beast?

19. 13:13-14a How does the great false prophet gain followers to worship the beast?

20. 13:14b-18 What is the image to the beast?

21. 14:1-5 Where are the 144,000 sealed Hebrews from chapter 7 who went into hiding in chapter 12?

22. 14:6-13 Why is it still possible to be saved near to Christ’s second coming in glory in chapter 19?

23. 14:10 What denomination uses Revelation 14:6-12 to justify its existence? ________________ How do they explain 14:10? ___________________

24. 14:14-20 Does the death of the wicked begins before the literal return of Christ?

25. 14:20 Where else is this imagery of the wrath of God found?



1. 10 all: There is no consensus. Some guess the little book is the New Testament; others say it is Daniel (Daniel 10). Except for the 7th trumpet beginning to sound, it is an interlude.

2. 10:6 “Time (chronos) will be no longer.” This may mean that God’s dealings with mankind (the mystery of God) are winding down during the “days the 7th angel begins to sound” (10:7).

3. 10:10-11 John was sure he would eventually be with Jesus, but yearned for it sooner.

4. 11:1-2 The temple will be rebuilt in the future — probably just before the Tribulation or early into it. The imagery of a measuring rod is from Ezekiel 40 to 47.

5. 11:2 The streets of Jerusalem and outer court of the Temple will be controlled by Gentiles leading up to Matthew 24:15. Antichrist has already made a 7 year peace covenant with Israel and has not yet desolated the Temple (Dan 9:26b-27).

6. 11:2 Daniel 7:25; 9:27; 12:1; Rev 11:2, 3; 12:6, 14; 13:5

7. 11:3-6 The two witnesses are probably Moses and Elijah. The prophesy from Jerusalem during the first half of the tribulation.

8. 11:7-12 God’s Word is rejected and His prophets killed. The people will not allow burial.

9. 11:13 The remnant of Jerusalem will give glory to God out of fear.

10. 11:14-19 7TH TRUMPET; 3RD WOE

(1) Voices from heaven announce God is taking control of earth.

(2) the 24 elders in heaven thank God

(3) the full final wrath of God has arrived

(4) the ark of the testament is seen in heaven; violating God’s revealed will is grounds for judgment

11. 12:1-2 The woman represents the nation Israel in this interlude rehearsing the history of the conflict between God and Satan.

12. 12:3-4 (1) the dragon is Satan, (2) the imagery is from Daniel 7, (3) 1/3 of God’s angels fell with Satan and (4) the 4th reference is to Herod’s slaughter of the Bethlehem children from Matthew 2.

13. 12:5-6 Israel will hide in the wilderness during the last half of the great tribulation (1260 days). Many guess Petra, a city carved out of rock.

14. 12:7-17 Using the same structure as the Apocalyptic book of Daniel 2, 7 and 8, Revelation 12:7-17 repeats verses 1-6 with more details.

15. 12:17 The 144,000 sealed Hebrews from chapter 7 are hiding; the great multitude of other Christians are seen in chapter 13:17-18,; 14:12 and 18:4.

16. 13:1-2 The beast is the power controlled by Anti-Christ from Daniel 7 where it was both pagan and papal Rome. His power is from Satan.

17. 13:3-9 Revelation 13 adds the following to Daniel 7:7-27

(1) All non-Christians in the world will worship both the dragon (Satan) and the beast (Antichrist).

(2) The Temple of God is blasphemed.

(3) Antichrist has power over all nations.

18. 13:13-18 The great false prophet heads Antichrist’s great false worship system called Babylon the Great in chapters 17-18.

19.13:13-14a The great false prophet gains followers by great miracles of deception.

20. 13:14b-18 The image of the beast appears to be a man-made object which controls the world food economy and forces compliance or death.

21: 14:1-5 The 144,000 Hebrews appear to be in heaven before the second coming. Either Jesus has raptured them or this is an insertion guaranteeing their eventual salvation.

22. 14:6-13 The hour of God’s final judgment is still ahead. According to Revelation 18:4 some of “God’s people” are still in the false world church system called Babylon the Great.

23. 14:10 Seventh-day Adventists; they deny the existence of an eternal-burning hell

24. 14:14-20 Yes.

25. 14:20 Zechariah 14:12-15; Revelation 16:17-21; 19:17-21

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