Genesis Outline Questions and Answers

VBCBI, Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute

3rd year, 1st semester, Russell E Kelly, PHD

1. Divide Genesis into 4 sections.
2. List 5 creation theories (chapters 1-2)
3. List 3 theories of how sin originated. 4. What does Genesis 3:15 prophesy? 5. Where did Cain get his wife?
6. List three theories of Noah’s flood (ch 6-9).
7. What is Dr. Kelly’s theory why there are no unclean animals after the flood in Genesis 9:3?
8. Gen 11: What does the Tower of Babel explain which modern science cannot explain?
9. 11:27 to 25:10 What was unique about Abraham?
10. 12:1-4 What happened between the “if” of 12:1 and the “so Abram departed” of 12:4?
11. 15:6 What is the most important thing Abraham ever did? (15:6)

12. 15:8-21 What is the significance of God placing Abram in a deep sleep (v12-13)?

13. 25:11 to 28:9 What was Isaac reminded of every time he heard his name?

14. Who was Isaac’s firstborn son? (25:25-34)

15. Was it Isaac’s fault the Jacob was blessed?

16. 28:10 to 36:43 What is the difference between “Jacob” and “Israel”?
17. What did Laban do to Jacob that reminded Jacob of himself? (Gen 30)

18. Why did Esau not want to take revenge on Jacob? (Gen 33)

19. 37 to 50 Why did God allow Joseph to be sold into slavery?

20. How did Joseph receive the physical birthright blessings of Jacob? (Gen 49:22-26)



1. 1 through 3: Creation to expulsion from Edem

4 through 11: Sin until Abram

11:27 to 36:43 Abram/Abraham to Joseph

36:44 to 50 Joseph and family to Egypt


A. Old Earth: atheistic non-intelligent evolution by random mutation

B. Old Earth: theistic creation & slow speciation C. Deism: impersonal God
d. Old Earth: Scofield gap theory, theistic creation, 6-day re-creation and rapid speciation

e. Young Earth: 6-day theistic creationism and rapid speciation


A. Sin was an inevitable consequence of creating man with a freewill.

B. Sin was an inevitable consequence of an infinite God creating a finite man.

C. Sin resulted from Lucifer’s unexplainable desire to replace God.

4. Genesis 3:15 prophesied the virgin birth of Christ as the “seed of a man.”

5. Gen 5:4 And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters.

6. A. It is myth; it did not happen.

B. It was not worldwide but killed all mankind.

C. It is AN historical fact and was worldwide.

7. Gen 9:3 Even before the law the unclean animals reminded the righteous line of Seth that they were to be different from others.

8. Genesis 11 explains why there are so many different languages.

9. God in His transcendence chose one man with which to build a special nation to bring glory to His name.

10. After Abraham fulfilled the “if” of Gen 12:1 in 12:4, God’s covenant with him became unconditional.

11. Gen 15:6 And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness.

12. Gen 15:8-21 A two-party covenant became one-party; only God walked between the cut-covenant and confirmed it as unconditional that the land would always belong to Abraham and his seed.

13. Gen 17-18 Isaac’s name (laughter) reminded him of his miraculous birth and election by God.

14. Esau was Isaac’s firstborn son.

15. No, it was God’s will.

16. “Jacob” means “supplanter” and “Israel” means “overcomer with God.”

17. Laban tricked Jacob over and over.

18. Esau had been blessed and was very powerful and wealthy.

19. God was preparing the continuance of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s seed.

20. The one tribe of Joseph becomes two tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh which would be leaders of northern Israel.

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