NEHEMIAH (446 – 434? B. C.)

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3rd year, 2nd semester;

This is a faith ministry. Your assistance is appreciated.

1. 1:1 When was Nehemiah written and under which ruling empire?

2. 1:3 Over 90 years after the Jews returned from Babylon in 539 B. C., what news did Nehemiah receive from Judea while he served in the palace of the Persian king?

3. 1:5 What was the key part of Nehemiah’s prayer for restoration?

4. 2:1, 8 These two texts begin the most exact time prophecy in God’s Word. Write the one verse in Daniel 9 which best corresponds to them.

5. 3 all: How many gates are listed here?

Chapter 4 describes Judah having to arm itself while the wall was being built.

6. 5:7-8 What were the Jews doing that angered Nehemiah?

7. 6:16 How did the enemies of Judah respond when the wall was finished?

Chapter 7 repeats the list of those who returned under Zerubabbel as found in Ezra.

8. 8:5 What did the people do when Ezra opened the book of the Law?

9. 8:6 In what position did they pray?

10. 8:17 As Ezra read the book of the Law, what holy week did they discover had not been obeyed since the days of Joshua?

Chapter 9 is a covenant renewal following a rehearsal of Israel’s history to the present time.

11. 10:29 What three parts of the Law did the covenant include?

12. 10:30-34 List 4 more requirements.

13. 10:35-37a Where were the firstfruits to be taken?

14. 10:37b Where was the first whole Levitical tithe to be taken?

15. 10:38-39 What portion of the tithe was to be taken to the temple?

Chapter 11 lists the family heads which lived in Jerusalem and the cities of Judah. One tenth of the population was required to live there.

Chapter 12 describes the families of Levites and priests and where they lived.

16. 12:44 Does this sound like storage-rooms or large silos?

17. 13:4-6 The “great chamber” probably refers to 2 large chambers of 10′ by 10′ each. While Nehemiah was in Persia, what had Eliashib the high priest removed from the chamber he allowed the Moabite to dwell in adjacent to the Temple?

18. 13:7-10 Why had the Levites gone home and stopped working at the temple?

19. 13:11-12 What did this emergency restocking include from 13:5?

20. 13:15-24 How were the people still disobeying the covenant Law?

21. 13:28-30 What did Nehemiah do to the priesthood?



1. 1:1 Nehemiah was written approximately 446-434 B. C. while serving the Persian Empire.

2. 1:3 “The remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with fire.”

3. 1:5 God is merciful and keeps His covenant promises with those who obey Him.

4. 2:1, 8 Dan 9:25 Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.

5. 3:all ten gates: (1) sheep, 3:1 priests, (2) fish, 3:3, (3) old, 3:6, (4) valley, 3:13, (5) dung, 3:14, (6) fountain, 3:15, (7) water, 3:26, (8) horse, 3:28, (9) east, 3:29, (10) Miphkad, 3:31

6. 5:7-8 The Jews were charging Jews usury (interest) and confiscating their property (against the Law of Moses).

7. 6:16 They attributed it to the God of the Jews.

8. 8:5 They stood.

9. 8:6 They prayed with uplifted hands and faced the ground.

10. 8:17 The feast of booths (tabernacles) (living in tents to remind them of leaving Egypt). This ended the religious year.

11. 10:29 (ten) commandments, civil) judgments, (worship) statutes

12. (1) :30 not to marry outside of their religion

(2) :31 Not to buy or sell on the sabbath

(3) :32-33 to support the temple with a yearly temple tax

(4) :34 take turns supplying firewood for the temple

13. 10:35-37a bring firstfruits to the officiating priests at the temple

14. 10:37b-38 bring tithes to the Levites and priests in the farming cities

15. 10:38-39 Levites were to bring the tithe of the tithe to the temple (for the officiating priests) (along with their own food from the tithe). See 13:10.

16. 12:44 According to First Kings 6:6 the largest chamber was about 10′ square. It only held enough food and supplies for the weekly rotation of priests and Levites. See also verse 47.

17. 13:4-5 The flour offerings, frankincense, cooking utensils, tithes of the wheat, new wine and oil.

18. 13:7-10 The priests had stolen the Levites’ portion of the tithes and they had nothing to eat. Notice that the priests apparently had food and stayed.

19. 13:11-12 The tithe of the wheat, new wine and oil to feed the Levites when they returned.

20. 13:15-24

(1) :15-22 working, buying and selling on the sabbath

(2) :23-24 interracial marriage

21. 13:28-30 He cleanse d the priesthood.

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