ZEPHANIAH (630 B. C., HABAKKUK (626 B. C.)

Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute

3rd year, 2nd semester


This is a faith ministry. Your assistance is appreciated.

1. When was Zephaniah written and under which ruling empire?

2. How does Zeph 1:4 help date Zephaniah?

3. Zeph 1:2 to end; sum up Zephaniah’s prophecy.

4. Zeph 1:14 What does Zephaniah call the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B. C.?

5. Zeph 2:3; 3:9-20 What is found in every prophet’s prophecy of destruction of Israel, Judah and Jerualem?

6. Habakkuk 1:1 When was Habakkuk written and under which ruling empire?

7. Hab 1:2-4 What was Habakkuk’s complaint to God?

8. Hab 1:5-12 How did God reply?

9. Hab 1:13-17 How did Habakkuk react to God’s reply?

10. Hab 2:1 How did Habakkuk sin?

11. Hab 2:2-20 How did God decisively make His point and reprove Habakkuk?

12. Hab 3:1-13 How did Habakkuk respond to God’s rebuke?



1. 1:1 Zephaniah was a prophet and 4th generation descendant of King Hezekiah. He wrote between 640-622 B. C. under King Josiah and before his reform in 621 B. C. Assyria was the ruling world empire but it would fall to Babylon in 610 B. C.

2. Zeph 1:4 In 621 B. C. King Josiah began reforms and destroyed the Baal idols from Judah in his lifetime.

3. Zeph1:2 to end. God will utterly destroy Judah and Jerusalem for its sin and worship of Baal and other idols.

4. Zeph 1:14 “the great day of the LORD”

5. Zeph 2:3 a call to repentance

Chapter 2 of Zephaniah is God’s punishments of the nations around Judah.

6. Hab 1:1 Habakkuk was written about 626 B. C. while Assyria was the ruling empire.

7. Hab 1:2-4 Why does God allow him to see the sins of Judah? When will God punish Judah?

8. Hab 1:5-12 God will punish Judah with Babylon.

9. Hab 1:13-17 God is wrong. He is too holy to allow a wicked nation to punish a less wicked (righteous).

10. Hab 2:1 He thinks he has outsmarted God and proven Him to be wrong. He dares God to answer him. Regardless of how God answers, he will prevail.

11. Hab 2:2-20

(1) God sees Habakkuk’s attitude as identical to that of the people of Jerusalem and rebukes both.

(2) Hab 2:2 Write His reply with such large letters that all can read and understand.

(3) Hab 2:3 That which He said will surely happen.

(4) Hab 2:4 Trust what God says; the just shall live by his faith. (Paul’s discovery)

(5) Hab 2:5 the alcoholic “enlargeth his desire as hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied”

(6) Hab 2:6 (that which the alcoholic boasts about is not real)

(7) Hab 2:7 the alcoholic will be controlled by those who bite and vex

(8) Hab 2:8-20) (That which goes around comes around.) Reap what you sow.

12. Hab 3 all

(1) 3:2 now repentant, Habakkuk asks for inner revival and mercy

(2) 3:3 God is transcendent and worthy of praise

(3) 3:4 God is light and glory

(4) 3:5 God is both wrathful and cleansing

(6) 3:6-8 God is all-powerful, omnipotent

(7) 3:9-10 God is Creator

(8) 3:11-15 God punishes (as He chooses)

(9) 3:16 Habakkuk trembled at God’s rebuke of himself and Jerusalem

(10) 3:17-19 Even though every crop fails and every grazing animal die, “Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.” He will restore me.

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