Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute

2nd year, 2nd semester

1. 5:1-4 What was the problem in 5:1-4?

2. 5:5-9 Whom do the 4 beasts and 24 elders represent?

3. 5:8 What does the smoke and incense represent? Also Revelation 8:3-4

4. 5:13-14 From these texts, give two reasons why Jesus is God.

5. 6:1-17; 8:1 SEVEN SEALS

6:1-2 1ST SEAL: WHITE: Who will conquer most of the world at this time (to bring peace)?

6. 6:3-4 2ND SEAL: RED: After bringing peace, how will peace end?

7. 6:5-6 3RD SEAL: BLACK HORSE: Who will be the last affected by worldwide famine?

8. 6:7-8 4TH SEAL: PALE HORSE: How will Anti-Christ affirm his control of earth?

9. 6:9-11 5TH SEAL: MARTYRS: What is Jesus’ reply to the martyrs’ request for judgment and vengeance?

10. 6:12-17 6TH SEAL: EARTHQUAKE: The earthquake will cause signs in the sun, moon, stars and every mountain will move. The inhabitants of earth will ask to die. What great event is being fulfilled from which the Church has been promised exemption?

11. 8:1-2 7TH SEAL: What is the connection between the seals and the trumpets?

12. 7:1 What is apocalyptic literature?

13. 7:2-8 Who are the 144,000?

14. 7:9-17 Who are the great multitude?

15. 7:9-17 Where is the great multitude located?

16. 8:3-6 See again 6:14 and 7:14. Are the prayers of the martyrs being answered by the seven trumpets and seven vials which follow?

17. 8:7 1ST TRUMPET: What will happen at the 1st trumpet?

18. 8:8-9 2ND TRUMPET: What will happen at the 2nd trumpet?

19. 8:10-11 3RD TRUMPET: What will happen at the 3rd trumpet?

20. 8:12 4TH TRUMPET: What will happen at the 4th trumpet?

21. 9:1-11 5TH TRUMPET: FIRST WOE: What will happen at the 5th trumpet?

22. 9:7-10 Could John have seen in vision modern armored warfare with rifles?

23. 9:12-21 6TH TRUMPET: SECOND WOE: What will happen at the 6th trumpet?



1. 5:1-4 God the Father had a scroll with 7 seals and none could unseal it.

2. 5:5-9 (a) Redeemed from all the earth, (b) 4 symbols of all Israel, (Numb 2) (3) 12 disciples and 12 tribes of Israel, (4) the Church is in heaven before the Great Tribulation begins in chapter 4 (5:9-10).

3. 5:8 prayers of the saints ; also Rev 8:3-4

4. 5:13-14 (1) He receives the same honor as God the Father in 5:13. (2) Every creature honors and worships him.

5. 6:1-2 1st SEAL: WHITE: Antichrist will come as a Messiah to conquer (or rescue) much (if not all) of earth.

6. 6:3-4 2nd SEAL: RED: After brining peace, Anti-Christ will remove peace by causing nations to fight one another.

7. 6:5-6 3rd SEAL: BLACK: the wealthy can still afford wine and oil

8. 6:7-8 4th SEAL: PALE: Anti-Christ’s control is affirmed after 1/4 humanity is killed by war, famine, disease and wild animals.

9. 6:9-11 5th SEAL: MARTYRS: Jesus told them to rest a little season longer and more martyrs were yet to come.

10. 6:12-17 6th SEAL: EARTHQUAKE: The O. T. great day of God’s wrath has come (6:17). A type was at Calvary when God’s wrath fell on Christ (Joel 2:27-32). Therefore the Church will not experience the wrath of God (1 Thess 1:10; 5:9; Rev 3:10).

11. 8:1 7th SEAL: The seven trumpets are contained within the 7th seal.

12. 7:1 Apocalyptic literature uses much symbolism. Revelation was coded to evade being rejected by pagan Roman prison guards. Literal interpretation should be followed unless it is evident that symbolisim is being used. Daniel is also apocalyptic.

13. 7:2-8 Literal Israelites. Dan is missing; Ephraim and Manasseh are both Joseph.

14. 7:9-17 The great multitude which could not be numbered are (probably) martyred Christians from 6:14b.

15. 7:7-19 They have come out of great tribulation and are already before the throne.

16. 8:3-6 Probably. It explains 7:14 and answers the request of 6:14. It also explains 9:20.

17. 8:7 1st TRUMPET: 1/3 trees and all green grass on earth is burned by hail and fire.

18: 8:8-9 2nd TRUMPET: 1/3 sea becomes blood; 1/3 life in seas die; 1/3 ships in sea are destroyed by great burning mountain.

19. 8:10-11 3rd TRUMPET: 1/3 fresh water became bitter from Wormwood star; many died drinking the bitter water.

20. 8:12 4th TRUMPET: 1/3 sun, moon, stars, daylight, moonlight will be darkened.

21: 9:1-11 5th TRUMPET: 1st WOE

(1) Abaddon (Hebrew) or Apollyon (Greek) will release flying creatures from the bottomless pit (9:1, 11).

(2) Unsealed men will be tortured 5 months but not allowed to die (9:4-6).

22. 9:7-10 Anything is possible.

23. 9:1-21 6th TRUMPET: 2nd WOE

(1) 1/3 mankind is killed when 4 angels formerly bound in Euphrates River …

(2) … release 200 million which cross the Euphrates River riding fire-breathing horses which kill using their heads and tails

(3) Those who survived did not repent.

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