1. How many proverbs are directly quoted in the New Testament?

2. How many proverbs did Solomon speak?

3. What is the most important word in Proverbs?

4. To whom is wisdom often compared by Christians?

5. What are the most common sources of wisdom?

6. What is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge? 1:7; 9:10 +++++

7. To whom is wisdom given? 2:3

8. Seeking wisdom is the same as seeking _____________ 3:5-6

9. What is the most quoted Proverb concerning giving to the LORD?

10. Why is the ant commended? 6:6-8

11. Where is the list of 7 things God hates?

12. Where does the Bible say “he that spareth the rod spoileth the child”?

13. Why should we answer harsh words with soft ones?

14. Is “pride goeth before destruction” a correctly quoted proverb? 16:18

15. Do the Proverbs encourage drinking much wine and beer? 20:1

16. Why should preachers and Bible scholars study together? 22:6

17. Find “Where there is no vision the people perish.”

18. How much is a virtuous woman worth? 31:10

19. Which subjects are covered in Proverbs?

20. Wikipedia says “The first, chapters 1–9, was probably the last to be composed, in the Persian or Hellenistic periods.” What is your reaction to this?

21. True or false: None of the following words occur in Song of Solomon. God, Lord, LORD, master, maker, divine, creator, heaven.

22. True or false: Conservatives see in Song of Solomon a loose typical comparison of God and Israel but not Christ and the Church.

23. True or false: Song of Solomon is never quoted in the New Testament.

24. True or false: The words used to describe male and female lovers in Song of Solomon would not be acceptable today because they are nasty.

25. What Christian virtues can you find in this holy inspired book of the Bible?



1. Two 3:11 (chastening) quoted in Heb 12:5 and 3:12 (chastening) in Heb 12:6

2. Solomon spoke over 3000 proverbs (1 Kings 4:32).

3. Wisdom

4. Wisdom is often compared to Jesus Christ.

5. God, parents and wise men.

6. The fear (reverential respect) of the Lord

7. Wisdom is given to those who seek it.

8. The will of God and trusting Him.

9. Proverbs 3:9-10 giving to God

10. God commends the ant to rebuke the sluggard.

11. 6:16-19 7 things God hates

12. Nowhere. Compare 13:24; 22:6 and 29:15, 17.

13. 15:1 soft words turn away wrath

14. 16:18 yes

15. no. 20:1 wine, strong drinks

16. 27:27 iron sharpens iron

17. No. 29:18

18. Far above rubies.

19. Almost all subjects are covered in Proverbs.

20. Wikipedia is wrong and expresses liberal theology. If Wikipedia is correct, the Bible is wrong and not the Word of God. Prove everything you read on the Internet.

21. True. None of those words occur in Song of Solomon.

22. False. Conservatives see both a comparison of God and Israel and also Christ in the Church in Song of Solomon.

23. True. Song of Solomon is never quoted in the New Testament.

24. False. The words describing lovers in Song of Solomon would not be acceptable today because they appear silly to our generation.

25. In the eyes of each, the other is perfect love which must be united at any cost. This is love which does not give up.

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