MICAH (750-710), NAHUM (713)

Victory Baptist Church Bible Institute

3rd year, 2nd semester


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1. 1:1 What are the dates of Micah and under which world empire?
2. 1:2-16 God is against Israel and Judah, but primarily _______.


Chapter 2 describes God’s

displeasure with N. Israel.

Chapter 3 is God’s anger towards the leaders of Israel.

3. 4:2 What will the Gentile nations do in the last days?

4. 5:1-2 Which details of Messiah are seen in this 700-years-before Christ prophecy?

5. 5:3-4 What will Messiah do to Israel after his first appearing?

6. 5:5-6 Who does the last day Assyrian represent in the book of Revelation?

7. 6:7-8 What do these texts (and many like them) suggest concerning animal sacrifices?

8. 7 all: Which words of Micah are typical of Israel and Judah’s prophets?

9. 7 all: Which words of Micah are tyupical of Israel and Judah’s prophets concerning His promises to Abraham?

10. Nahum 1:1 Which other O. T. book is addressed to Nineveh, the capital of the Assyrian Empire?

11. Nahum 1 promises that Assyria will not threaten ______.

12. 2:2 Where is N. Israel at the time of Nahum?

13. When did Assyria fall to Babylon? See timeline.


1. 1:1 Micah was written between 750-710 B. C. N. Israel had gone into Assyrian captivity in 722 B. C. but Judah was still free.

2. 1:2-16 is primarily against N. Israel

3. 4:2 Gentiles will come to Jerusalem and ask Hebrews to teach them God’s law.

4. 5:1-2 a) 5:1 Messiah will be smitten, b) 5:2 Messiah will arise from Bethlehem, c) Messiah will be ruler in Israel, d) Messiah will also be eternal God.

5. 5:3-4 Messiah will give up Israel until after the remnant returns.

6. 5:5-6 Assyria represents Israel’s last day enemies. This is probably a reference to the “kings of the east” who invade Israel in Revelation 16:12.

7. 6:7-8 They suggest that animal sacrifices may end.

8. 7 all: All of the words are typical of Israel and Judah’s prophets.

9. 7:18-20 repeat God’s unconditional redemption of Isael and Judah as His chosen nation.

10. Jonah

11. Judah

12. 2:2 N. Israel was taken into captivity prior to Nahum in 722 B. C.

13. 610 B. C.

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