1. What period is covered by the inter-testament years?

2. How long after the close of Malachi did the Persian Empire endure?

3. Who was the first Great Greek leader?

4. Why was Palestine the location of so many battles?

5. What did Greek Antiochus the Great physically do in Palestine?

6. Which three leading religious groups emerged during the Inter-testment period?

7. How many Egyptian queens were named Cleopatra?

8. When did Jewish tradition replace Jewish Law in importance?

9. Why do Protestants reject the Apocrypha and Pseudo-pigrapha?

10. Which ten-year span did the little horn of Daniel 8:10-14 and Matthew 24:15 cover?

11. What did Antiochus IV do that incited the civil war in Palestine which ended with independence?

12. 168 B. C. Who was Mattathias?

13. 154 B. C.: Why is High Priest Onias IV famous?

14. 125 B. C.: What did the Hasmodeans do which led to Herod the Great?

15. When did Rome conquer Palestine?

16. 6 B.C.: What happened that affected the Herods?

17. What two nations alternated ruling Judah during this time period?

18. Why was the Hebrew O. T. translated into Greek?

19. Compared to other religions, how did Rome favor the Jews?


1. 400-4 B. C.

2. Approximately 67 years (400-333)

3. Alexander the Great (333-323 B. C.)

4. It was located in the middle of competing nations.

5. He divided it into the familiar N. T. regions of Judea, Perea, Samaria, Galilee and Trichonitis

6. Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes

7. 4

8. Between the testaments the Mishna, Gemara, Halachoth, and Kabala originated and, in practice, replaced the Law with their tradtion.

9. They claim to be O. T. books but are written in Greek which came after the O. T. Also they are full of errors.

10. 170-161 B. C.

11. In 168 B. C. He offered a pig on the Temple altar.

12. He was the first of four Maccabean brothers and began the revolution with ended with independence.

13. Onias IV built a competing Jewish temple in Egypt.

14. They conquered Edom and forced its citizens to adopt the Jewish religion.

15. 63 B. C.

16. Rome began ruling Judea directly.

17. Greek Syria and Greek Egypt

18. Jews in Egypt forgot Hebrew.

19. The Jerusalem Temple became the only religious structure in the Roman Empire which was not required to display the emperor’s statue. Also their religious taxes stayed in their own temple.

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