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1. What is the time period of Joshua?

2. Briefly state what happens in Joshua.
3. As a leader of Israel, what did God require Joshua to do? (1:8)

4. Unlike the Pentateuch, Joshua is an uncontested historical book. What does 2:10 confirm?

5. 6:20 Does modern science validate the walls of Jericho not falling inward as they would under siege?

6. What happen to Rahab the harlot of Jericho? (Matthew 1:5)

7. Why is there a Jericho in the New Testament if God cursed anybody who would rebuild Jericho? (Josh 6:26)

8. Why was Aachan not commanded a sin or trespass offering for his sin? (Josh 7:18-26)

9. Israel killed all of the giants (Anakin) except Philistines in ________ and _______ Josh 11:22).

10. In how many cites did the Levites and priests originally dwell? (Joshua 21)

11. What years does Judges cover?

12. What is the theme of Judges? (Josh 17:6; 2:18-19)

13. What does Judges 1:21 tell us about the author of Judges?

14. What were the Baalim? (Josh 2:11)

15. What is unusual about Deborah? (Judg 4)

16. When did the book of Ruth occur? (Ruth 1:1)

17. Who was Ruth?

18. What is the most famous quotation from Ruth? (1:16)

19. Why were Hebrew men required to marry near relatives and raise children for their heritage? (4 all)

20. Why is kinsman-redeemer an important theological doctrine?



1. 1370 – 1345 B. C. per timeline in class

2. Joshua militarily captured Canaan before his death and all tribes possessed their inheritance none removed the inhabitants.

3. 1:8 Leaders of Israel were required to read and obey the entire book of the entire law.

4. The Red Sea crossing miracle is mentioned in Joshua and Psalms.

5. Yes. The walls of old Jericho fell flat and not inward. Modern archaeology validates this biblical miracle.

6. Rahab the harlot of Jericho became part of Jesus’ lineage. (Mt 1:5)

7. There are two Jerichos in the New Testament. The old deserted cursed city ruins are nearby a new city.

8. Aachan committed a presumptuous sin for which no sacrifice existed (Heb 10:26)

9. Anakin still lived in Gaza, Gath and Ashdod — Philistine cities.

10. Joshua 21 lists the 48 Levitical cities (which still belonged to the tribes).

11. 1325 – 1065 B. C. — from the death of Joshua to the time period of Samuel. Dates are approximate because some of the periods of bondage may overlap.

12. 17:6 Every man did that which was right in his own eyes; lawlessness. Seven periods of servitude relieved by seven judges who did not preside over all Israel.

13. He lived before David conquered Jebusi (Jerusalem).

14. Baalim is plural for “Baal” (Lord), the major Semitic-Canaanite god. Like Buddha, thousands of Baals covered every aspect of life.

15. Deborah was the only woman judge in Israel.

16. Ruth occurs in the middle of the period of the Judges around 1200 B. C.

17. Ruth was a Moabite widow of a Hebrew from Judah. After her husband died she returned to Judah with Naomi, her mother in law. (Ruth 1:1-7)

18. 1:16 Where thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.

19. The Levirate law existed as far back as Genesis 38.

20. Jesus Christ is our Kinsman-redeemer. He had to become human to be our kinsman. He had to be God to be our redeemer.

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